Last summer guest post – by Logan’s AbbyGirl


Growing up with a special needs brother was one of the best experiences I could have ever wished for. It’s not something that’s for everyone, definitely not for the weak willed or timid. But then again, maybe it is.

As an adult I am patient, determined, independent, accepting, observant, hard working, thankful, loving, understanding, compassionate, and strong willed. I was not always these things, I was shy and on the sensitive side, but Logan taught me time and time again through experience.

When Logan needs extra time going down three flights of stairs in a busy hospital. Taking one step at a time, while everyone is whizzing and whipping around him just rushing to rush some more. You learn patience.

When you have to entertain yourself during therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments in the city, and trips to see specialists, you learn independence.

When Logan stops you mid-stride on your walk so he can show you twin lady bugs next to each other that are, ” friends” you learn to be observant.

When your brother Is cleared at the doctor’s as healthy and nothing new as arisen to be treated, or you see children worse off than you at the hospital that don’t get to go home today or didn’t get good news, you learn to be thankful.

When Logan’s speech isn’t perfect and he needs to repeat himself a couple of times and you still aren’t quite sure of what he is trying to say to you, he will get frustrated with you. This is when you learn understanding.

When you take Logan out to IHOP with your guy friends for breakfast and he orders the crepes all by himself, even though you’re all there for $5.00 infinite pancakes, this is when you learn to be so proud of the little things. And that same day, when the teens at the table next to you are making fun of the way your brother is eating, that is when you learn to be strong willed. ( Kevin and the guys got them kicked out by the way. He was not pleased.)

Logan has shaped me into the adult I am, and I am beyond thankful. For anyone with a special needs child who is nervous of how it will affect their other children, I personally know that it improved my life. I also had a wonderful mother, father, family and friends.

XOXO Abby.


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  1. Abby, this is beautiful. For anyone that hasn’t been given the opportunity to spend time with a human being that thinks a little differently or talks a little differently or moves a little differently, then there is this ❤ A heartfelt, written reminder that it wouldn't hurt any of us to slow down, soak in the little things, and treat EVERYONE with kindness and compassion. Thank you for sharing~we love your family!! 🙂

  2. You are such a loving sister. Logan is one lucky guy to have you. As you are lucky to have him. I know how you feel because my Grandson is special needs with Autism. He reminds me of Logan a lot. So I’m pretty lucky to. Take care and enjoy every minute you can with him.

  3. We do not know your family. Some of have found the blog through other friends and are so touched. Your paper that you have written above has me in tears and with goose bumps. What an extraordinary young lady you are. So touched by the insightful loving funny things your Mother posts about your family and your brother. God Bless you all. Truly blessed that the love and trials and tribulations you have shared with us enrich all of our hearts.

  4. That was awesome. You just made me smile and cry at the same time. Logey is a love and talks about you, always with a grin. He loves you and Schlipps so much.

  5. Abby, having seen you with Logan over the years, I can’t imagine two better siblings. I think God knew what he was doing when he put the two of you in the same family. When I see you look at him, I see a sparkle. It’s the same sparkle I see when he looks at you. I am so glad that you have had each other over the years, because you definitely have shaped each other into the wonderful people you are.

  6. This is a very tender and real expression of the wisdom folks gain from loving someone with special needs. You are a terrific sister.

  7. Abby, my husband and I have adopted 11 children. The first four seperately and all very young. The last seven a sibling group of all ages. Just last night, this morning really, I was praying and asking God what have I done. I feel like I destroyed all of their lives. Reading your post gives me Much Needed Hope!!! Thank you. You are amazing!

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