Bad Moms


Fun Fact Friday revealed more than one mother admitting she worries she isn’t a good mom.

Ladies…Really?? The fact that you worry about that in itself says you care enough about your child, that you probably are a good mom. We ALL worry at times. I know I do. I know I always have, the worries have just changed over time.

At 18 bringing home my daughter I worried about keeping her alive! I worried I wouldn’t know what to do, or pick up on her signals when she needed something. As she got older I worried I wouldn’t be able to provide everything I wanted for her…then what about college? A wedding? Would I teach her everything she needed to know to live a good life?

With Logan I felt more comfortable bringing him home, but then worried about a whole different set of issues when he got a bit older. Could I teach him? Would I be able to fight for him? Not miss anything? How the hell am I going to do this??

Truthfully, I probably haven’t been the ideal, perfect mom- but in reality, I have been a great mom for MY kids, and things have fallen into place. Yes, it took effort, and changes and sacrifices, but most parents are willing to make those for their child.

You might miss a night out with friends to attend an award ceremony. You might miss sleeping late for soccer practice. You might sacrifice a clean dining room table for a science project.

These are the things our kids will remember. Not your perfection.

                                                                  THIS is a bad mom..

So, you don’t always make them brush their teeth. Maybe you could have pushed harder on homework or studying. Your teenager doesn’t have the cell phone she wants. You couldn’t afford to take them on vacation this year. You forgot your sons favorite cereal…These are not a huge deal in the long run.

We, as parents, beat ourselves up. We compare ourselves to our peers, and our kids to theirs. It’s not fair to ourselves.

No matter what your situation- if you have your child’s well being at the top of your priority list, and that child knows he is loved, you are a good mom.


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