Me? Let Go?….maybe someday


**Cough cough sniffle** My ninja-like immune system failed miserably at fending off the germs. I can feel them invading my body and head as I sit here contemplating going to work. I was sooooo convinced I would not catch this- even pushing my luck by kissing that little cold-ridden boy dangerously close to his germy breath. I simply cannot help myself.

So I am asking myself..When will I be able to help myself? Ever? He’s 17 for crying out loud. He’s BIG, he’s GROWN! At thirty will I still be chasing him around for a quick squeeze? I need to get a grip here…

The problem is, its NOT me. Its him- he is simply too freaking cute, too damn sweet and extremely frigging lovable. It’s literally his one and only fault.. Totally not my issue, I mean no human, especially a mom could be expected to resist that combination of charming. Even when he’s being a jackwagon, he really isn’t. It must just be how I am interpreting his behavior, because he is far too adorable to be a jerk. It’s something I deal with, and need to check myself every now and then..Okay daily, but I am working on it. There are so many things in the world that really need some work before I can be expected to let go. I don’t know how any kid can expect to grow up and get out of the nest these days..

The mess in his room, I would have to admit that’s just a freedom of expression and a way to be creative on his part. Folded clothing?  So rigid and ordinary.. And if there is one thing we all want, its for our kids to be independent and creative-am I right? And I know for a fact all the stuff of mine that I find in his room when I clean it? He’s looking out for me, keeping it safe. If anything disappears, I usually know just where to find it, safe and sound.

The little stuffed ponies. Why would you make a pony, put it into a 50cent grab machine, but not make it durable enough to cram into a backpack with 10 other ponies? You should be able to love and shove as many ponies into a small space as you want, without the seams ripping. Stuffing coming from your beloved pony can be traumatizing. They need to rethink this design. Pisses me off.

Another total conformist type BS we don’t adhere to? Pee, all in the toilet. I mean, if bathroom designers really expected no sign of back splash- all bathrooms would be wall to wall carpeting. And on the subject of toilets- who the hell decided we need these low water pressure commodes? They simply cannot handle the amount of toilet paper my baby needs to use, and overflow is a constant threat. Horrible design.

Oh, and while I’m thinking of it- who the hell would design a laptop that can’t handle a good stepping on? I mean how cheaply made are these things? You’d think they’d factor that in to the design. You can’t expect people to realize there’s a laptop on the floor covered in clothes, that’s just crazy….Electronics in general are really inconsiderate as a whole. Did you know if you repeatedly remove a battery and SIM card from a cell phone eventually it locks you out?? Wtf is that about? Oh, and Xbox360- it’s stupid how easy it is to change the whole thing to Japanese. You need Google Translate and a YouTube tutorial to get it back. Unreal.

Seriously, this is what I’m dealing with. Are you F’ing kidding me??

So, someday my baby will be grown, and I will have to maybe..MAYBE lighten up on the hugging and kissing and force cuddles, but with all of these other issues, how can I expect him to manage on his own? There’s so much work for this world to do before it’s ready for Logan unleashed. Until then, I will be here making sure none of these ridiculous issues impact him negatively. God this is a tough job…


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