Saying goodbye to our girl


Back in August my daughter called with some news, and our fall would take a different path than I had planned. I blogged about it here Thank you Kevin.

I have had 4 bonus months with her, a bonus birthday with her, and a bonus Christmas with her, so I can’t complain that she trashed her old bedroom and I had to live with a kitty litter box for the last 17 weeks. I’ve loved having her here, and Logan has been so happy to have her around.

We say goodbye tomorrow, and its never easy. I’m not sure how Logan will handle it, or deal with it after she’s gone. When she left last December I heard daily “I miss her Abby”, I hope he isnt too sad. They have a bond like no other, it’s so sweet. We had a great time. I’m so proud of you! We’ll miss you AbbyGirl.


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