I am changing the world? For real?


I am consistently touched by the people who follow my page posts, and I do have to say, y’all (y’all?? I am a New Englander, we don’t say y’all) are a pretty awesome bunch. Some of you have children, siblings, or other family members with special needs. Some of you work in the special education field. Some of you are just here because maybe you’re curious- and this is the group that I strive hardest to reach.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everybody here, I LOVE hearing about your kids, and answering questions about Logan and our experiences, but when someone who has little to no exposure to someone like Logan writes to tell me something in them has changed….I can’t even describe how this feels.

A friend of the page Jenn, recently posted one of these messages to me. She ended her comment with “You are changing the world- one person at a time”. A-MA-ZING.

See, when you become a parent, you have all this stuff planned for your kid and your life together. When it becomes clear that the plan needs to change, it can be hard to swallow and there can often be days of wondering why? What’s it all for? You question your own parenting, your ability to cope, to teach this special child, to love it and protect it enough. You wonder…Am I enough? Can I do this? These are huge looming questions that you need to come to terms with. So to get that sort of feedback from someone….to get all of the feedback we get on this page…I can’t even articulate how it effects me.

I have come to terms with Logan being on a different path, and the fact that I am trudging along beside him on this journey, just smiling (sometimes gritting my teeth) and sharing with all of you. I have come to terms with the fact that we won’t be doing everything I had thought we might. I have come to terms with the day to day of this different kind of life, and all of the amazing people who are now on this journey with us. I have come to terms with the fact that I AM enough, I CAN do this, and I love every single second of it. We are teaching as we are learning, and we are making an impact….that’s what this is all for….y’all.


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