Who do you do things for? …really?


Recently I’ve been thinking about something interesting- maybe more like questioning myself actually…”who do you do things for?” I don’t mean who do you cook meals for, or bring home a favorite video game for. I mean who do you dress up for, do your hair or apply makeup for, buy that brand new car for, upgrade to a bigger house for?

I know for myself, I’m happier to go without washing my hair, throwing it up in an elastic, putting on a sweatshirt over my pj top and eat some ice cream instead of going to the gym. I realize this is my personal preference, and honestly if I were able to do this every day, after a while it may get old. Some days I do just say screw it and go with the elastic and sweatshirt, but most days I am presentable. I don’t work at a job dealing with public, I could wear a clown costume if I really wanted to, but something makes me pick out an outfit, flat iron my hair. What? If being a slob is what makes me happy, why do I fight it and pull myself together?

I get it that we feel better when we look better, and maybe even when we have nice things, but who do you think notices the difference between a Coach bag or a knock off? I am guilty, I have a few Coach bags, and paid too much for them, but why? I’m not even sure I can answer this myself. It’s not like its way better quality than something cheaper. It doesn’t have extra room that I can’t find in another purse. So…why?

Put it this way. If you were living all alone in a city- literally nobody else around- would you bother doing the things you do? If not, then that probably means, you are doing it for someone else. We make decisions based on who we might bump into, who might approve/disapprove of our choices.

If you could buy a used car for $10,000 that was guaranteed to run for 10 yrs, why would you spend $20,000 on the same car but with a fancy emblem on it? Because of who might see you driving it? I am not saying that everybody does this- if this does not apply to you, then disregard. I am saying a lot of people live their lives this way and don’t even realize it. They live beyond their means simply to impress someone else when in reality does that someone else even care?

I would love LOVE a new car. LOVE, did I say love? But- my car is paid for, my car runs okay. I need to decide how bad I want the new car (which will not be NEW, just new to me). I have to decide if this way of thinking will help me or hurt me. I have to decide if this money is worth taking from something else that may come up in the future. I have to make this decision based on these things- NOT on what I think people will say when they see me driving my new car, but I’m finding this kind of hard.

You see it allllllll the time on Facebook “I got a new this! I got a new that!” Okay..good for you, how many ‘likes’ did you get? Was it worth the $35k you just shelled out? I really hope so!

I know people work hard, they want nice stuff. I know I do. I know I want that new car BAD. Just make sure you’re doing it for you, not for what someone else thinks about it. Don’t drive yourself into debt for it- because after everyone says “ooohh ahhhh aren’t you successful? wowwww!” they aren’t paying your bills. Make sure those ooh’s and aaah’s are well worth it. Image isn’t everything- your happiness and your future is. PS. I still want a new car.


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