Am I racist?


Having a Facebook page has pushed a couple things in my face.

1- Not everybody agrees with me. This is not surprising to me.
2- People love to argue. This is not surprising to me.
3- People don’t always get what I am trying to say. This is not surprising to me.
4- I can’t say anything without being made to feel I am not being Politically Correct enough.
This surprises me, and frustrates me.

Where do we draw the line on being “PC”? Can we say ANYTHING and state a fact without someone twisting it up, turning it upside down and making it mean something it doesn’t?

Fact- We have our first EVER black president. This is A BIG DEAL. Do people forget that there was a time when our black citizens could not even vote? I don’t. Even after the 15th amendment was enacted, it still took another century to make this a reality for all black people. So, excuse me for pointing out the fact that our president is indeed black. It’s awesome. It’s progress. It’s way too freaking overdue and I think we should be ashamed of ourselves.

I am in no way saying that President Obama should be president simply because he is black, so please don’t get it twisted (yet again). In fact, I am not a big Obama supporter (not a Romney fan either and this is not about where I stand). I mentioned having a black president as being ‘progress’, and more than one person had to ask “why do you need to make it a black thing” “You shouldn’t mention that he is black” “If we’d elected Romney would you mention the fact that he is white?”

What is wrong with you people?? Of course if Romney were elected I wouldn’t mention him being white, because another white president would not be a big deal! I also pointed out that Elizabeth Warren is the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate. If Scott Brown had won, there would be nothing more to say about it. Its the fact that she is FEMALE that makes it something to mention. It’s a big deal, it’s progress. A century ago, women couldn’t even vote!

This is about the simple fact that we cannot seem to say ANYTHING without someone calling “YOU SAID BLACK YOU ARE A RACIST OMG!” Just stop. Please. PLEASE!

I made a comment recently about Logan having a certain shape to his eyes, and he feels he is Chinese. Again. “You stereotype!” wait…how is stating how a Chinese persons eyes look a STEREOTYPE? This is a physical trait of a Chinese person. Logan has something similar. I said nothing negative, I said nothing ridiculing, I simply stated a fact, and got called out for it.

You know Daddy Doin’ Work? He made a comment in a blog post that one of the things he feared about raising a daughter, was the fact that he sees so many girls dressed skimpily, acting provocatively. Well the ‘slut shamers’ came out in full force! He was called all sorts of things- it was ridiculous. He was simply stating a fact. He sees girls looking and acting a way he hopes will not influence his daughter in the future.

Having a page, I know I get judged. I feel I am an open minded person, I mean, how could I possibly ask you and expect you to accept my child with his differences, but then toss judgement around onto others? I wouldn’t.

When you read someones thoughts, just take it for what it is. Don’t assume there is some hidden meaning in the post, and don’t twist it just so you can argue about it. If you comfortable with your own beliefs, you don’t NEED to push them onto someone else. Just be cool with you, that should be enough.


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