One clarification


I know, I know. I am too sensitive. The pages I follow have huge followings, and they are often subjected to criticism and take it in stride. I just take things to heart I guess, most likely because I am still so new at this, and I hope that I will harden with time and experience, and keep taking advice from my favorite admins.

I guess I’m mostly bothered because I try so hard to paint an honest picture, and give a view of all sides of our lives. The good, the bad, the sad, the funny. We had a couple heavy days, and this was something light and funny. It felt good to share a smile after 2 days of crap.

I wish everyone had the attitude and outlook that Logan has. 100% open mind, open heart. In our family, we fall into all kinds of stereo typed categories. The girls are blond. My husband is a mechanic. Logan is overweight and has special needs. We are Polish. I was a teen mother. None of these matter. We can joke about all of them and care about none of them.

We have friends that own multi-million dollar corporations, and friends that are homeless, sleeping on another friends couch. We have friends that are bilingual, we have friends that are deaf. We have friends that are vegetarians, and friends that raise meat cattle for a living. We may have a policeman at our dinner table, and then a felon the very next night. My daughter works for and with all Chinese people, and married a Puerto Rican man. We have never, and would never judge anyone for any of these meaningless things. Logan has never been taught to stereotype, laugh at, judge or dislike someone for any reason other than their behavior.

I know I don’t have to explain myself. I do realize this. I just don’t want anything to be unclear, and if you are following my page, I want you to have a full understanding as to what we are about. I’ve never felt so judged before, and to have it be about something that was so off base really bothered me. I cant help it. I just need to toughen up.


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