I am…


Okay, this should be interesting. You Know It Happens at Your House Too has issued a challenge of sorts- a social experiment. For 5 minutes, I am supposed to write about myself. Each sentence must start with “I am”. This is to point out my positives to myself, about myself. Let’s see where this goes…on my mark, get set..

I am…a mother above all else. It is my first and foremost, so it had to be #1.

I am…a loving wife, sister, sister-in-law, daughter & daughter-in-law, and I love my family fiercely.

I am…lucky to have the job that I have. I stumbled across it, and have clawed my way up in ranks.

I am…a teen mom but I am the anti-stereotype, and it doesn’t define me.

I am…married to my high school sweetheart

I am…not supposed to play online during the day as much as I do, but I am creative and do anyways

I am…naturally blond, but have been black, dark brown, red and eggplant

I am…not always quite as happy and positive as I project. I’ve been through some pretty dark times

I am…a mess making hoarder by nature and I have to work every second of my life to stay organized

I am…having a hard time thinking of much else!


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