Paige needs us

You are going about your daily life, your busy schedule,  grocery shopping, paying bills, walking your dog. Your phone rings- and your world is flipped upside down.

Your child has been in an accident. She is on her way to the closest nearby big city hospital via LifeFlight helicopter. Your life and hers will never be the same.
A fellow ‘townie’ in my small town, Virginia Page, recently experienced this tragic scenario with her beautiful daughter Paige. Paige is just 18 years old- vibrant, full of life, beautiful.
She has suffered devastating injuries that required the loss of her foot and part of her leg. She will have more surgeries and a long hospital stay- and then a long road to recovery.
I’ve known Ginnie for about 25 years give or take. She’s a hard working chick- who does what it takes to get by. She’s an amazingly talented photographer– capturing some wonderful images, including Logan in his first canoe race, which she graciously gave me the following day. She has 2 daughters, whom she adores and are often the gorgeous subjects of her photographs.
This family needs our help. Please “like” the Facebook page  Let’s Help Paige for updates. This could happen to anybody- to any of us. I know its easy to say “its just a leg” and “at least she’s alive”- and I believe a positive attitude is best. But its not your leg. Its not your child’s leg. This has got to be the hardest thing they will ever walk through- and they need our support.
Like I said, I know these girls. They are some tough cookies, and I know they will soar through this with grace- but not ease. That is the part they need help with. If you can do something- anything- to help ease the burden while they focus on recovery, please consider making a donation. A mother shouldn’t have to stress and lose sleep over missing income while she is at her daughters bedside holding her hand.
Several businesses are pitching in to help. Donations can be made to The Paige Fortin Recovery Fund.


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