September 11th

I heard a report, but I couldn’t be sure
If true, this was more than we could endure
A nation sat gripped in silent fear
Waiting for news of those they held dear
How could this happen, could this be real?
A flood of emotions, not sure what to feel
Anger, disgust, sadness, despair
Lives stolen that just wasn’t fair
A world left reeling- badly shaken
These lives weren’t lost, they were taken
So many families left with a void
Innocent people, lives destroyed
9/11 shook us to our core
Unsure of what might be in store
What would come next? when would they strike?
Would American soil become warlike?
To see those empty twin tower spots
To wrap my brain around evil plots
How can someone have so much hate?
How dare you decide so many’s fate
So many tears, so much pain
Children ask hard to explain
The heroes that emerged that day..
The amazing courage on display
We will always be scarred, we will never forget
But we refuse to continue to let it upset
We will live, but free of fear
Cuz’ then you’d win- that ain’t happening here


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