I’ve received a very heartfelt, emotional letter from a person who follows my page. She is in a wheelchair, from an injury suffered in an accident 4 years ago. Being in the chair has changed her in many ways, but one thing it has done is given her a different view of her life. One quote (taken with her permission) – “I never stopped to watch the things around me, I was too busy doing everything I thought HAD to be done. I wasn’t stopping to smell the roses, but I am now. It’s almost as if it were my fate.”

This is an amazing outlook, and we can all learn something from it. Another page follower wrote to me about her infant son needing a heart transplant, and within 26 hours of being on the waiting list, he got his heart. She said “It has been a hard but amazing journey! I honestly wouldn’t change anything, he has taught me to live life and to love right now.” Another inspiring outlook (I love these stories!)

I have to say, I am a big believer in fate. I feel that we are all on a journey, and every step, decision, extra minute of sleep, dollar spent, red light- alters the path. 

As a young mother, I hadn’t yet realized my own fate. Struggling financially, not getting much sleep, just trying to be a good mom, these were the things I focused on. When Logan’s situation became the focus of my life, I got wrapped up in that. I did a lot of wondering ‘why me? why him? why us?’. 

Now I realize, why not us? This life I’ve been given is something I was meant for. To be a parent of a child with needs. I love it. I’m good at it- no the hell with that, I ROCK AT IT! And it is exactly where I am meant to be. I never would have dreamed this would be where my path would lead me. 17 years ago I knew nothing about caring for a child with any sort of needs. The thought of dealing with specialists, therapists, school meetings? Ha! Not me! .yea well …Surprise! And guess what? I did it, I’m doing it, and I will continue to do it. I surprised myself.

People often look at a situation they are in and they feel depressed, or overwhelmed. I say, look around, and you will find someone with a far worse or more difficult situation than your own. I take Logan into Children’s Hospital and I see some of the strongest parents and kids on this planet, fighting things I can’t even wrap my brain around facing. It can ALWAYS be worse. 

 Don’t dwell on where you think you should be. Don’t compare yourself to your neighbor. Their journey is different than yours. You have taken different paths, and you have a different happiness. You may not realize yours yet, but in time it will become clear.

I believe Logan’s fate is to spread his light. He can smile in the face of adversity and I admire that in him. He’s taught me a lot about tolerance, patience, and acceptance. We can’t change certain things, and we need to be okay with that. We waste so much of our lives wishing for things, and not looking at all the good around us already.

Live your life. Love what you have. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what comes next- you got this.


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