Okay kids, I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award by SooperDad Blog of Awesomeness! Thanks for that! If you haven’t checked him out, you need to do so- (also check out his wife’s page Pretty Pretty Please) ; )

So, I guess what this entails is: I have to give 11 random facts about myself. Hmmm..Okay..

Then I have to choose another 11 bloggers to nominate. I want to apologize in advance…I think most of the bloggers I communicate with have already done this and would be mad if I do this to them again…

Then I have to answer 11 questions that SooperDad has asked his nominees. Then I am supposed to ask my 11 nominees 11 questions…but I don’t have any nominees to nominate! I know I am wrecking the whole idea of this. Sorry!

My random facts:

1. I’m born, raised, will forever stay in New England. I feel that we have everything I could want here. Beaches, mountains, country, city, all within a couple hours drive.

2. I left home at 17.

3. I never away to college. I enrolled as a married mother of 2 after we discovered Logan had some issues. I took sign language, in hopes of teaching him and being able to communicate with him.

4. I made my daughter get a job at 13 and she has worked ever since, sometimes holding 2 jobs while working. I believe this gave her the skills she needed to be out on her own in the real world.

5. At one time I was addicted to popsicles. Sounds funny but its not!

6. I lost one of my closest friends when we were 12.

7. I’m 38.

8. I’ve only had 4 cars in my entire life.

9. My house is controlled chaos, and I love it.

10. I have held the same job for 12 years, working my way up from the absolute, very bottom.

11. I have been with my husband since I was 15 years old.

Now for SooperDad’s questions:

1. Choose a character or person (fictional or real) that closest resembles your life so far. Why?

I’ve never thought about this…I just did think about this for quite a while, and I can’t think of anyone! Cop out, I know, I know. I will keep thinking and come back to this….

Okay my answer to this is Marilyn Monroe. This is only because I love her, and not because its actually true that our lives resemble one another.

2. Mayo or Miracle Whip?

DISGUSTING. Mustard all the way. If its something that NEEDS mayo, I say mayo but sooooo light. Just thinking about mayo makes me gag. ew.

3. Is there any book you have read that you absolutely hated?

50 Shades of Grey

4. Best looking person alive (besides me)?

Well a couple of years ago I would have said Brad Pitt hands down, but really the Angelina Jolie thing has made him very unattractive to me. Even watching him be a dad, he’s eh. I would have to say David Beckham. My husband is in there too- still attractive after all these years.

5. How did you get into the blogosphere?

I’ve always loved to write, and always have plenty to say. I wrote a blog in 08 and forgot about it. I found it and decided to start again.

6. Who is your favorite comedian?

God these questions are tough. actually takes alot to make me laugh out loud. In terms of who do I enjoy listening to, who can really get me to belly laugh? Has to be Logan : )

7. Favorite charity? Why?

Windrush Farm Therapy horseback riding. Logan rides there and its been amazing.

8. Would you rather be wealthy beyond your dreams, or well-respected?

I know well respected is the mature answer to this, but really- I would LOVE to be insanely wealthy. It would be sooooo much funnnnn. I will pay people to respect me.

9. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

That the Kennedy Brothers killed or had someone kill Marilyn.

10. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Uh, haven’t you see THIS?

11. Favorite 80’s movie? (If it’s anything other than the Breakfast Club, you’re wrong.)

HANDS DOWN 16 Candles. No contest.


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