To drive or not To drive


Nice, long feeling, lazy-ish weekend just Logan and I. Doing anything we want, no schedule to meet, feels so nice. We painted, we played video games, we had a visit with a friend, we went to lunch, we…sat in a dead car and listened to the radio.

Yup. A filthy, pine needled covered, hot, messy, frame rotted car. Logan’s pride and joy, and I am guessing- subject of his dreams.

Will Logan drive? That is a huge looming question. There are special driver’s ed programs, even one in our area, that are just for special needs folks and the physically disabled. I believe stroke patients are asked to take this class before getting back out on the road. There is a special license available as well- which is so cool – so if and when the person ever gets pulled over, or God forbid into an accident, this license shows the driver’s disability and I believe has some contact info on it.

So, in reality, Logan COULD possibly drive someday. He totally has the coordination and skills to do so, and I have allowed him to drive my SUV down our driveway. He can back up our lawn mower with a wagon on the back. I cannot do this to save my own life. He can cut the grass in our dog kennel area, and then zip that thing out through the gate with 1/2″ clearance on either side- no problem. This is just something he is naturally good at. I know he could do it.

He has a phenomenal sense of direction. If I say we are going somewhere, and I veer off the course, he says “ahem…” because he knows its not the way. If we miss an exit on the highway, he will call me on it. Pretty impressive for someone who can’t read.

He navigates a HUGE city on one of his video games that I am totally lost at all times on. It comes with a map, which I will drag out, open up, trying to pinpoint my whereabouts and where to go next. He even knows shortcuts! He has memorized every street and corner store, and knows exactly where he is going.

So what’s the problem then? Why not just let him drive? Honestly, I don’t know. Fear of alot of things, but I can’t name a specific valid fear. I know he has it in him. I know he could do it, and do it well, but…I just don’t know? I remember feeling nervous about my daughter driving, and its a natural emotion for a parent of a newly licensed driver, but this is different in some way.

I want more than anything, for Logan to have these milestones like every other kid. Maybe his will be a bit later, but I am working towards the courage to get him there. That seems to be the main thing holding back the plan-(me). This will be a huge – HUGE- step for me. We’ll see….


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