Sooo, summer’s here again. I should be excited, relieved, another school year complete, but around March or so I start feeling dread, despair, and depressed. There is never a good solid plan in place for summer. I feel like I juggle the schools summer program, bringing Logan to work with me, leaving him home with the hubby or grampy, and taking vacation days. My daughter isnt home this year to help, so it will be especially challenging.
The school program is barely worth the effort or alarm clock. Its 3 half days per week, and its not even every single week all summer. Its more of an inconvenience, making sure we are up and out on time, and that someone is home for when he gets out. He doesn’t love going, and I feel bad sending him.
I really wish we had some quality programs in my area. Something these kids who need a bit more attention could go and have a good day at. I can’t simply send him to camp or drop him off for a day at the park- things need to be planned out, and all bases covered or I sit at work and feel sick to my stomach that something may go wrong.
First afternoon of summer- here we come.

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