My little place to share the trials and tribulations of life with a special needs teen, a full time job, a newly married daughter, 3 dogs, a bull and a husband.

I do not feel I am your typical ‘special needs’ mom. We don’t take things all that seriously around my house. Life’s too short to dwell on what we CANT do, so we find fun in anything we CAN do. There’s always something to laugh at, you just have to look for it a little bit harder some days.

Logan is undiagnosed- but not because we haven’t searched high and low for answers. He has had extensive testing with some of the finest doctors in our area, and I am confident if anyone could give us a diagnosis, it would have been them. This is something I have dedicated my entire life to, we just haven’t found the answer yet.

95% of the page is about Logan, my special needs teen. He is the star of this show. The other 5% is random, maybe stuff I like, think you would like, or a good cause that I feel should be shared.

Regarding the 95%- I am open and honest about life with a special needs child. Most days its fun, loving, sweet, but some days its raw, sad and sucks. I try to paint the most realistic picture I can. I love when someone lets me know about their own child, or tells me I have changed their perception of how a child with an intellectual disability is.

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